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07 January 2009 @ 08:51 pm
along tiring day...  

just some experience i've been through today...

Today my day started very early in the morning, at 6.50am I woke up to work out my Subuh and then I went to the bathroom to wash. I thought it won't be so many people to take their bath in the very early morning but I was wrong. Many people made me use the toilet to bath.

Then, I walked to my class at 8.00pm. I had to because if I take the bus, it will be taking a long time to arrive at my class because so many people were fighting to get on the bus. I rather walk myself. 

My first subject today was modern physics. I don’t know why the lecturer keep lecturing chapter 1 sub topic 2. We got about 6 topics to finish out in 14 lecture weeks. I bet we won't make it to the end. After a long one-hour lecture, I got an hour gap. My friend, Basyirah, and I went to the cafe to eat breakfast. Then, we went to the next class, semiconductor technology.

This subject was so boring that i nearly sleep in the class. What’s more, it was a two-hour class. Actually, I don't like this field, I’m more into superconductor. I think my university should start planning on adding a subject specific only on superconductor.

Then, there was a two-hour and half gap. i went back to my college, get slept and went to the faculty, again. This time for the class mathematic method in physics. This class a little bit fun. Two-hour class became one-hour class since our lecturer ended it early. My classmates total of 9 girls, that'll include me, and a boy started to gossip about each other. There were mad laugh from us in the lecture hall. Luckily, the sound seems like being swallowed up by surround.

Then, the last class for the day thank god at 6pm was advance physics. I didn’t really give my attention in this class. I was thinking of dropping this subject. I didn’t know what to do… it was a light rain outside… no thunder, no wet clothes, yet I managed to get the bus to go back to my college…

Lastly, I was here, in front of my com, writing some stupid experiences of today…

This is Ash…


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